Gnome female druid


HP: 41
AC: 20 (Touch AC 20, Flat-footed AC 15
Initiative: +5
Fortitude: +7
Reflex: +6
Will: +8
Spot: +6
Listen: +6
STR: 5
DEX: 20
CON: 17
INT: 14
WIS: 18
CHA: 10

Age: 47
Height: 3’8"
Skin Color: Light Tan
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Emerald Green
IME: Green

A gnome druid, with striking green hair sticking out in many directions and spiral green tattoo on her forehead, stands about 3 feet 8 inches. She carries with her a haveversack, either over-shoulder or attached to a belt, and carries a staff with vines wrapped about it.


Enda’s Journal

Enda is fairly carefree, and enjoys exploring the world and seeing it’s sights. She is a devotee to the goddess BirĂ³g, and travels with her dire hummingbird mount, Saoirse.

While most gnomes, tend to have a connection to the earth, from a young age, Enda has always looked to the skies, and longed for adventure.

Creature list!:

-“Medusa-lizard” (basilisk, not much known)
-Spiders (AAAAH!!!)
-Bigger Spiders (AAAAAAAHHH!!!)
-Mimic (unknown as of yet)
-Talking Rabbits
-Dire Hummingbirds


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