Aoife Ardtine

Tattooed Human Female Warrior


HP: 15
AC: 20 (including Mage Armor), 22 with shield (-2 berserker strength
Initiative: 2
Fortitude: +5 (7 with berserker strength)
Reflex: +2 (
4 with berserker strength)
Will: -1 (+1 with berserker strength)
STR: 26 (30 with berserker strength)
DEX: 14
CON: 17
INT: 12
WIS: 9
CHA: 11

Before you looms a very tall (6’6") human woman with fiery hair decked head to toe in bright blue tattoo patterns. Her eyes match the brilliant tattoos. Typically garbed only in a loincloth to maintain the power of the tattoos. Her hair is kept in a long braid. She typically wields a glaive, but carries a variety of weapons in her scythed chariot. (Age 19)


Aoife has always strived for accomplishment since she was a child, and was wild and adventurous. She began training to be a warrior from the age of 9. She earned her place as a protector of the tribe at age 16.

Her charioteer, Nilos, a halfling (there are halflings that are considered part of the same tribe and culture that frequently serve as charioteers due to their light weight and nimbleness), has been a friend since childhood.

Her family includes her parents, Cúan and Sadhbh, her older sister, Saorla, her paternal grandfather, Brían, and her uncle, Ruadhrí, who lives with at a nearby settlement.

Aoife, is unfond of the local awakened rabbit population (something done by the one of the tribe’s original shaman, Bodb, a direct ancestor of the current Bodb), and generally finds them annoying.

Aoife loves a good story, and spent much time listening to Bodb’s tales, and became inspired by them. She enjoys dancing, the local dart games, and poetry (many of the tales featured poems or were in poetic form). She is horrible at math (she can generally count just fine), and is furious upon being interrupted.

While fairly bold and adventurous, Aoife is not incredibly impulsive, but tends to make decisions quickly. Although, generally of a warm and friendly demeanor, she is not likely to open up about more personal things and is not very active in seeking out friendships or interactions with others.

Aoife met her death in the grimlock caverns, turned to stone, then eaten by a basilisk.

Aoife Ardtine

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