Winded Cotton Tales

Fiver and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Enda doesn't know REAL pain.

Satisfied with a job will done, Fiver and Enda rode on the back of an overly-large hummingbird, relaxing during what should have been an uneventful return to Frourio Macha. Smoke coming the town’s location had an entirely different idea, desiring more out of the already weary adventurers.

Where there’s smoke, there is very often fire, the two and their steed learned first hand that day, as Frourio Macha was in the midst of burning to the ground. To add insult to horrifying, life-threatening injury, laughter could be heard within the town behind an obviously magical wall of fire.

The adventurers that they are, Enda and Fiver rode over the wall and into the town to find out details about the unfortunate ruckus. They were met by an Ignaiad and another unidentifiable creature that looked familiar, but they really couldn’t place. Immediately, battle began.

The fight was noble, but Enda and Fiver were simply too drained and therefore outmatched by the pair of arsonists, being forced to flee for their lives before they too were slaughtered mercilessly as we can only assume all of those women and children were.

Of course, our noble heroes weren’t going to give up so easily, as almost literally every single individual Fiver had ever known in his entire life seemed to now be dead or dying. The two made their way to the side entrance into the Sandlewood Warren area of the town and cleared a raging fire that was burning over the entrance.

They began to crawl inside as smoke billowed out, risking their lives for the possibility of saving any survivor’s of the massacre. Enda’s uncanny ability to control air allowed them to do a precursory search of the tunnels, but to no avail. The only rabbits they found had already died, and, unfortunately, the smoke was thickening. As they made their way out of the tunnel, they found that the entrance was once again blocked by fire. Dispersing it, they climbed out of the tunnels to find the Ignaiad awaiting them.

Fleeing was the only option, and they fled well. Making it back to where they’d left Enda’s humming-steed, it began to rain. They collected their thoughts and meditated on what should be done.

While meditating in the rain, Enda was struck by lightning and received a vision, “Seek the Route (Root?)” reverberated through his head. It seemed pretty straight forward to Fiver, but there was some wiggle room in what it meant, so who knows?

After the rain died down, they made camp to rest and regather themselves in the morning. Unfortunately, our adventuring heroes couldn’t catch a break and were attacked by spiders. It seems, though, that hummingbirds are pretty good at killing spiders, so, though Fiver was useless and Enda was scared out of his mind, the encounter ended with a bunch of dead spiders. And one unmoving, strengthless gnome, but that was taken care of in the morning with only minimal psychological scarring.

As dawn broke and the pair awoke and prayed to their various deities, doing divine things and the like, a raven appeared. It was a message! From Bodb! They were to the south! He said “we”! That means there are more survivors than just him! Maybe all was not lost and Fiver wouldn’t become a shell of the rabbit he once was.

Grimlocks, Unsteady Ground and Exploration!
or when Fiver really thought they should leave since they did what they came for.

Around one of the other tunnels, Enda and Fiver finally encountered a group of grimlocks, which Enda said hello to. They didn’t react so kindly. As they advanced menacingly, Enda backed up telling them again they were there to help them, but if they attacked they were going to be sorry. Ignoring her dire warnings, they filtered into a corridor where a waiting gnome bombarded them with a bag of thunderstones, deafening them with a loud bang.

Having cast a spell to remove any sent from them ahead of time, the eyeless grimlocks now had no way of perceiving the heroes, and the four collapsed to the ground howling and clutching their ears. Hearing footsteps coming towards them, no doubt alerted from the loud explosion, they prepared again for more grimlocks, to which Enda reasserted her warning. Four more grimlocks come into view, Enda proceeds to repeat the thunderstoning to three of them, Fiver blasting the fourth with a spell to a pile of ash. Enda admonished Fiver about not needing to be so violent unnecessarily to the grimlocks.

The grimlocks, not being able to sense them, wandered off. Venturing down a northern tunnel, they encountered an oreiad demanding that they leave in a cavern that looked to have once been a constructed room with broken tiles on the floor. She revealed that she was the one driving the grimlocks to the surface, as they were in her way. Like Helen before, she was looking for Kalaraum for her master. While Enda wanted to talk, the oreiad had little patience and proceeded to attack, causing the stone floor to heave like the surface of a stormy sea.

The fight didn’t last too long, with the oreiad disappearing frequently below the surface of the stone. Enda launched alchemist’s fire, and when the oreiad closed in (failing to hit the nimble Enda), Enda disappeared in a puff of smoke using a prepared smokestick. Fiver managed to escape the buckling ground while the oreiad was occupied with Enda and started a spell blast that ended with the demise of the oreiad.

The found a stone ring hidden underneath one of the floor tiles, and in a rusted iron box (that Enda opened carefully with a pole produced from her seemingly bottomless haversack), a small hoard of gold and gems as well as a magnifying glass was found. A runic tapestry above the box was also packed up. Near the box, was a deep pit, the bottom of which was beyond their sight. Enda rigged up some rope and took the pair down to the bottom of the pit where they found troglodytes. Knowing what she did of troglodytes, she decided it was best just to turn around.

Back up at the previous level Enda insisted upon taking a look down the southern tunnel. There they found the still deafened grimlocks and a chest. Upon approaching the chest, Enda set off a trap that hit her with a few needles, but she shrugged it off and turned her atttention back to the chest. After unlocking it with her lock picks, they found an amulet with a large stone and a magical scroll. Enda bagged these, as she found it fitting after the rudeness the grimlocks showed to them before in their effort to help them.

Not far from there was another pit, this one with a platform suspended above it. On the opposite side was another trio of drow, which Fiver quickly dispatched with a barrage of magical missiles.

Finding the pit fairly shallow and boring, Enda decided that enough had been seen and they could go return to the surface. Returning to the decorated cavern with runes on the walls, they climbed up the hole in the ceiling serving as a chimney and returned to the surface.

Travelers, Caves, and SPIDERS!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

From the south, riding upon the winds of the skies, came a pair of curious creatures to Frourio Macha. Outside the western gate of the ringfort, a green-haired gnome, Enda hopped down from the back of her huge hummingbird friend.

Enda was then questioned at the gate (the questioners of course questioned in return, keeping her out the town like that for no reason!). Apparently they had never seen a gnome before. Or a hummingbird. Huh. There was some waiting (and snacking), and then she was allowed to enter, and told the tribe’s shaman wished to speak with her. They questioned the presence of her feathered friend and even called her a monster, how rude! An apology was, of course, required.

It was our former hero’s friend, Nilos, who showed Enda the way to Bodb’s house. Along the way Enda took in the interesting sights and asked questions about the all the numerous tattoos and talking rabbits. Upon arriving at Bodb’s roundhouse, Nilos explained to Enda the custom of kicking his house, much to the protest of the resident. Bodb informed Enda that he was in need of an escort for one of the tribe on a mission of his, at which Enda seemed wary of prospect of escorting. However all reservations blew away in the wind with mention of adventure, which was met which excited glee.

Fiver, the previous night, had received a dream from Mórrígán, that he needed to find “the gnome.” Unfortunately, Fiver had no inkling of what a gnome might be, but later that evening he was called to Bodb’s and a strange traveler had recently arrived in the town.

Upon arrival at Bodb’s, he found to his fortune that the traveler (well, one of them) was indeed a gnome. However, some confusion over what is and is not a gnome was had, and discussed at length. No a gnome is not a human. Nor a halfling. Certainly not a rabbit. A bird is not a gnome. Especially not gigantic hummingbirds. They informed Enda of the task of stopping whatever was driving the grimlocks to the surface.

After some discussion about accommodations (Enda stayed at the clinic, after running about knocking on doors looking for it, Saoirse stayed on Bodb’s roof despite his dismay and protests. He was really actually ok with it. Really), they stayed for the night and left in the morning, flying out on Saoirse.

Finding the underground entrance easily, Enda shrank Fiver and carried him down into the depths of the tunnels. They encountered the stranged extra legged lizard as Fiver and Aoife did before, but having been for warned about the potential “medusa-lizard” they averted their eyes and quietly snuck by it.

They next room they reached had a lit torch on the wall, and were then ambushed by thousands of tiny horror beasts (spiders). Unfortunately, it turns out that Enda is irrationally terrified of poisons, of which thousands of aggressive arachnids were quite intent on sharing. Panicking, Enda proceed to fling the tiny spiders away from her with powerful blasts of wind, which fortunately happened to be an effective method of dealing with the little creatures. Fiver was rendered immobile by the spider’s poison, but was brought back to mobility by a dismissal of the reduction spell. Then there wide-eyed panicking rocking back and forth.

After the spiders were no longer a problem (and Enda was done having a panic attack), they proceeded to check out the cavern, full of sand and had the curious torch, as well as some moldy looking bread. Unfortunately for poor Enda, she didn’t see the drow around the corner. After being hit with a few bolts fired, Enda quickly succumbed to the drows’ insidious sleeping poison.

With his clerical magics, Fiver managed to take down the trio of drow, but linger effects of the spiders’ poison took, rendering him immobile once more. After many hours of recovery (there was nothing that came across them, luckily), the pair were once more conscious and mobile, though still weakened. Enda set up a cleverly disguised camp in a corner of the cavern and (there was another encounter of spiders, but Enda saw them coming and between her frantic wind blasting and Fiver, they didn’t stand a chance) spent the night there in order to renew their magical capabilities the next morning.

In the morning, after preparations, they began their explorations again. The bread was gone. And there were new rocks Enda noticed. Of course the rocks proceeded reach out a sticky pseudopod, catching Enda in place! Enda called upon the power of one her magical garb, disappearing in a trail of green sparks, and returning across the room where she cast a spell binding the strange monster in place with whirling winds. Fiver, out of reach of the creature, peppered it with spells until it was no longer a threat, while Enda maintained the winds holding it down.

Further exploration of the room revealed several human bodies, and an old tapestry on the wall. One of them had a pretty gem, which was taken along with the tapestry.

Continuing down the tunnels ran across more spiders (AAAHH!), and room with a fire place, tables, dried paints on a scaffolding, a cot, and runes painted on the walls. However, no residents were present.

Sickness, Grimlocks, and Endings
How Aoife's Story Ended

Aoife, being left immobile by the scorpions’ poisons, FIver is able to drive them off, and manages to retrieve Bodb for assistance, changing into an eagle and flying them back to Aoife. Bodb, using his druidic magics, frees Aoife of some of the effects of the poison, and they head out to return home, finding and collecting some more fleetsand on the way.

The fleetsand is given to Saorla to concoct her volatile recipe, and Aoife falls ill with the same sickness that befell Nilos. They both spend a few days recovering in the clinic under the care of Fiver and the other healers.

Once both Aoife and Nilos are fully recovered, they retrieve the explosive barrels from Saorla, and the party sets out to the west, looking for where the grimlocks might be coming to the surface.

Once into more rocky terrain, they are called to halt by a grimlock calling himself Batman, carrying a metal axe and a bat perched on his shoulder. After a discussion, a deal is made: Aoife and Fiver will attempt to be rid of the thing that attacks with the stone itself that is driving the grimlocks to the surface and in return, Batman will convince as many other grimlocks to stay with him below ground and bother them no more as well as allowing for the collapse of the tunnel entrance.

Nilos leaves to make camp, and Aoife and Fiver are lead underground by Batman. He soon goes ahead to convince some other grimlocks to leave the party alone, but they attack anyways. Aoife and FIver dispatch them, and the remaining two flee.

They continue forward into the earth and at a junction find a large eight legged lizard, a basilisk. Batman, being a grimlock and eyeless, ignores it as harmless. Neither Aoife or FIver knowing what the beast was or the horrible danger it presented, did not know to let their gaze fall upon it. Aoife was immediately turned to stone. Fiver not knowing what to do, but avoiding looking at the basilisk again, has Batman return him to the surface to find Nilos.

They return to Frourio Macha, during which time, the basilisk gets hungry and eats Aoife. Using a bit of broken stone caught in Fiver’s fur when he broke free of Aoife, Bodb prepares a reincarnation ritual to bring Aoife back in a new body, as he mutters he still needs her. For reasons unknown to the living, Aoife is unwilling to return. And thus ends Aoife’s story among the living.

Investigating and Fetching
Also, stupid scorpions

The next day, Fiver found that his wife, Vilthuril, was missing. After some questioning, he determined that Bodb had something to do with it. Fiver and Aoife, who had been looking for Bodb to inform him of their plans to recheck the deader region they had found Helen in before, found Bodb outside the walls, burying Helen. He informed them that Vilthuril was assisting him with some matter and that telling them more would put her in danger, and not to tell any others. Aoife wanted to know why no one else should be told, and after some convincing (and a cookie), Aoife reluctantly agreed to mention it to no one.

After returning to where they fought Helen, they found a region not as “deader” looking as before, although they did find a dead tree in recently disturbed soil. On their way back they came across four grimlocks standing over a recent victim. A quick fight and few heads to bring back later, they found that the grimlocks victim was a brightly and strangely dressed foreigner. They gathered his body and brought it back to Frourio Macha. On the way back, Nilos began to fall ill.

No one in town had seen anyone quite like the dead stranger before. He upon him a magical cloak, which Fiver took after identifying. Since it was late, the body was buried the next morning.

Tavon Gibson approached our heroes and asked if they would track down the underground entrances from which the grimlocks were coming, telling them that something seems to have driven them above ground. They agree to wait a little while for Nilos to recover. Elder Gibson recommends talking to Aoife’s sister, Saorla, about something to help close tunnels to the surface.

Aoife brings Saorla Helen’s leafy dagger and the stranger’s large halfling weapon (a rapier) to look at, and asks her about something to help them on their quest. She has an explosive mixture she can make, but needs ingredients for it. Who she recommends asking Bodb about.

Aoife gives Bodb the list, which he says he can get everything but fleetsand from it. So Aoife goes to ask Nilos about where she might find some fleetsand. He directs them to a large patch about two hours out of town. Bringing Fiver along, Aoife grabs a shovel and puts a barrel on her back and heads out to where the fleetsand is.

Unfortunately, after getting a few shovelfuls, a swarm of small scorpions climb out of the fleetsand and attack the pair. Over the course of the battle, Aoife is overcome by eventually by the scorpions poison, and is left paralyzed in place.

Helen attacks!
Or is just somewhat inconvenient.

Just before setting back off to Helen, Bodb recalls a story kalaraum, and tells our heroes that is not Bilé’s Eye, but a rare plant out of legend that is said to be used to poison powerful beings.

Aoife, Fiver, and Nilos set back out to meet with Helen once more. She is not pleased to find that they have brought Bilé’s Eye and not kalaraum. Although they try to question her more about her intentions and say that they could still look for kalaraum, Helen declares that they would be more helpful as food for her servants, and the plants writhe up and bind them as a small horde of rats attacks them.

They manage to fight their way out of the grasping plant life, with Aoife seeking out the hidden Helen. Aoife, Nilos, and the horses are hit with a sleep spell but Aoife shrugs it off and charges forward. Helen finally shows herself, some sort of plant-like humanoid, and grabs Nilos and threatens him with a dagger. She tells them to leave or she shall kill him. Fiver retreats to the chariot, ready to accept the request.

Aoife walks to loom by Helen and the chariot and asks, if Helen will let him go if they leave. Helen responds that she shall release him once they are gone. Aoife declares, “You shall let him go now.” And snaps her hand forth to grab the arm with the dagger and traps Helen within her grip. Aoife demands information but the creature refuses to talk and spits at them, saying that her master can do much worse than anything they could do to her. So Aoife and Fiver knock her unconscious and return with her to Frourio Macha.

Neither Bodb nor anyone else who looked at Helen knew what sort of creature she was. After the Elders had a meeting on the matter, having been informed of the creatures known capabilities, it was decided there would be preparations for an interrogation the next morning. Aoife took Helen to her home and made sure Helen remained unconscious through the night, and Arleen MacNicol stayed as well to allow Aoife some sleep.

Aoife was suddenly woke in the night by Arleen. Helen and inexplicably died very quickly. No one was able to determine why and the body was buried by Bodb in the morning.

Mysterious Attacks
Or Bodb is Really Frustrating

The story begins with our protagonists, Aoife and Fiver, waking on a fine Fall morning in their home village, Frourio Macha.

Aoife begins the day with her morning training exercises, to the north east of town in an area she has set up for this purpose. Bodb, the tribe’s shaman, shows up and sits down to watch. After Aoife finished, she goes to see what brings him out this morning. Bodb, in his usual difficult way, conveys that he needed to speak with her about something. They end up sitting quietly for awhile.

Meanwhile, Fiver returns from assisting with foraging and is told that Bodb needed to speak with him. He set off to find Bodb, who he finds sitting quietly upon a rock with Aoife before him. He joins them, until Bodb suddenly addresses him, and tells him wants him to look into to the increasingly frequent and dangerous animal attacks that have been occurring. He also implies Aoife should go too, but acts like only one of them is present at a time. Eventually he runs off after saying there is one more thing once they agree to do so.

Aoife returns home after cleaning up, rousing her charioteer, Nilos, and tells him the chariot needs to be made ready to go and explains briefly their quest. She gathers up supplies and weapons from her home and meets Nilos at the stables with Fiver. Fiver, having never been on such expeditions before asks how he does this. Aoife sarcastically replies that she could tie him to one of the horse’s heads. Which Fiver almost believes, but, disappointingly to Aoife, he doesn’t take her seriously.

They depart, heading eastward into the forest. They eventually turn southeast as Fiver noticed the forest seemed “deader” in that direction. A small pack of wolves attacks them, going for the chariot’s horses. Aoife, screaming a war cry, leaps from the chariot and attacks the nearest wolf, striking it down with a single mighty blow with her glaive. The rest of the wolves break off their attack and flee.

Aoife finds the wolf she struck down still alive. Wolves being one of the animals sacred to Mórrígán, a goddess they both worship, Aoife has Fiver heal it. It begins to snarl but Aoife snatches it up by the throat and snarls right back at it face to face, then tosses it down. The wolf flees and they see to one of the horse’s wounds.

Preparing to leave, they spot a stag running in their direction. It runs past them, heedless to their presence.

Following the direction the stag was fleeing from, they pass many other creatures fleeing where they now travel towards. After some time a mysterious voice echoing in the air demands that they halt. It asks if they have seen a plant with a red stem and purple flower. They tell the voice that they have not. The voice demands they leave or face destruction. Aoife asks what if they could find the flower, and the voice asks if they are offering assistance. Aoife replies that they are perhaps, depending on the circumstances. The voice tells them that she requires kalaraum. When asks about their intentions, the voice replies that her intentions are her own. She names herself Helen, and tells them not to return without the kalaraum.

They return to Frourio Macha and Aoife has Nilos change out the injured horse and stay ready in case they need to leave again on short notice. Fiver and Aoife then go to seek out the wisdom of Elder Oeneus Petros, who oversees the plants brought in to town. They ask him about kalaraum and Helen, and while he knows nothing of Helen, he identifies the description of kalaraum as Bilé’s eye, a fairly rare plant. He doesn’t know of any particular uses for but likes to keep some as an ornamental, and agrees to let them have some. They agree to meet at his house in an hour.

In the meantime they go looking for Bodb who they find outside over the river trying to repeat Aoife’s training feats, but doing so clumsily and providing colorful language. They ask him about the voice named Helen and the plant kalaraum, which is possibly Bilé’s eye. After seeming to know something about it, but ultimately having nothing to say on either that was useful after a frustrating questioning. He does warn them to becareful about returning to the voice. Or, well, at least they think he did.

After retrieving the Bilé’s eye from Elder Petros, they plan to leave again at first light the next day. Aoife goes to inform Nilos of their plans, who exasperatedly goes to put up the chariot and tend to the horses. Fiver gets called to the clinic by Bodb to help with some wounds from a recent attack on some late to return gatherers.

Aoife spends the rest of the evening asking for Biróg’s, a goddess known for finding secrets, guidance in their quest.

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